The mind behind these blue eyes

I seriously have some of the worlds best friends. These girls mean so much to me and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. I have such a good bond with each of them and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

Kenna, you are my rock. I know that I can come to you with absolutely anything and you will always be willing to do something to make me smile. Whether it be making me your delicious mac and cheese or just sitting and watching Avatar with me, you always know just what to do to turn my shitty day into a good one. Michelle, you are my crying shoulder. I know that whenever I need someone to listen or to get advice from you are the person to go to. Even though you live hundreds of miles away, we will always be there for each other even if we wont see each other as much. Darcy, we practically have the same thoughts. We have the same views on 90% of things and when I need to talk to you about some sexy stuff you always know the answer. Our conversations are seriously hilarious and I love them. We would honestly talk in the parking lot after class for hours and not even notice. Joelle, you are my goof. We talk in weird accents ALL the time, burst out into random songs, and quote movies like it’s nobodies business. We can goof off in the middle of public and not even care. We always vent to each other about everything and I know that anything I say to you is always safe. 

These four girls seriously are the best friends anyone could ever ask for and I am lucky to have met all of them. Even if it was in the weirdest ways possible. I love you guys <3